Child Guidance Centre

Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being, which is as important as physical health of the child. However, little attention can be paid to it by the family that is engaged in day to day struggles for the basic necessities of life. In certain cases the unfulfilled needs of the child manifest through varied problems in behaviour, emotions or learning. Early intervention in such cases arrests further deterioration; and restores a measure of balance to the child's life ahead.

IAPA's Child Guidance Centre (CGC) seeks to identify and treat issues related to mental health, with the expertise provided by our team of Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Remedial Consultant and Counselor. Started in 2002, we now provide services of testing, counseling, remedial therapy and medication under one roof. All these services are provided gratis, to children covered under our various programs and their family members. Children are referred by their school teachers, parents and our social workers. The referrals cover academic problems related to poor attention, memory, motivation or IQ ; as also learning disabilities. ADHD, conduct disorders, disobedience and aggression; substance or sexual abuse are also addressed. Emotional concerns like anxiety, depression and psychosomatic problems are other issues that are dealt with.

Parents and teachers are significant others who play a big role in creating conditions for better mental health for children and develop their resilience to cope with the ups and downs of life. Our Mental Health Sensitization Workshops for parents and teachers help in timely identification and remediation; besides enhancing their understanding and skills in dealing with children. Sessions are also held with adolescents, to create self-awareness and understand the fast growing changes they experience in their journey towards adulthood.