• Life Skills Training for girls in rural areas of Terewayangani and Agarvayangani, Dapoli-Ratnagiri District, to empower them with necessary skills
  • Started facilitating Higher Education for aspiring students, through CSR support from different organizations like Capri Global Capital Ltd., American Women's Club Bombay, All Cargo Logistics Ltd. and Ladies@3
2015 -2019
  • Value Education Programme in collaboration with Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust for under privileged children studying in 13 schools located in slum pockets of Mumbai Western Suburbs
  • Release of publication '40 years of Making a Difference' and a Film on IAPA's services & programmes to celebrate completion of 40 years of service for children in need of care and protection
2010 -2015
  • Started 'Flying High' (Extension of the Mental Health Services )' A Pilot Project in collaboration with BCPT, for enhancing emotional and social competence of school students, and sensitizating Parents & Teachers
  • Telecast of AVs on TV channels and during Adoption Awareness talks
  • Prepared two AVs of 1 minute each, for awareness on Child Abandonment and Safe Surrender option
  • Initiated Project 'Asmita', to offer supplementary services for enhancing educational, recreational and socio-cultural development of underprivileged school children
  • Initiation of the campaign for Prevention of Child Abandonment in collaboration with the Municipal Health Department
  • Initiation of Jigisha Project 'Will to Win'
  • Launching Women's Empowerment programme through "Bachat Gat"
  • Life Skill Programme for adolescent girls
2004 -2006
  • Started supportive sponsorship of children in the Rural Secondary School in Ratnagiri District, locally set up to serve five remote villages
  • Started Mental Health Sensitization Campaign with parents and School teachers
  • Implementing Value Education Programme in a few Municipal Schools
  • Set up Child Guidance Centre, 'Aastha' at the Project Office for promoting Mental Health of children
  • Published a revised second edition of the 'Manual on Adoption'
  • Organizing CARA's National Initiative for Child Adoption, in the West Zone
  • Counselling Bureau for Post-adoption Counselling
  • Launching of Adoption Awareness Week
  • Served on the the Maharashtra State's Expert Group for formulation of 'BalSangopanYojana' and started its implementation at the Khetwadi office
  • Started Educational Sponsorship programme at the newly set Project Office in Khetwadi, Ward 'D' of BMC
  • 'Special Bill on Child Adoption' introduced at the State level
  • The Silver Jubilee Celebration with expansion of the IAPA mandate
  • Establishment of Marathwada Chapter of IAPA in Aurangabad, registered as 'Sakar'
  • Publications of 'Your Story'- a pictorial book to convey the fact of adoption to an adopted child
  • Amendment of the IAPA Constitution to expand the scope to other family based Child Welfare Services
  • National Conference on Adoption supported by the GOI and UNICEF
  • Countrywide Survey on status of children in institutions
  • Served on the Task Force for recommendations on the Draft Revised Guidelines on Adoption
  • Publications: 'Manual on Adoption', an audio visual, Posters and leaflets in four languages and six-monthly News Letters
  • Publicity campaigns in Kolhapur,Ratnagiri, Mumbai as well as in Goa and Orissa
  • Setting up of Vidarbha Chapter of IAPA in Nagpur, registered as "Varadaan"
  • Focused publicity campaign for adoption in rural areas & in Mumbai, under UNICEF sponsorship
  • Publicity through Cinema slide in 26 theatres in Mumbai, Banglore and Baroda
  • Formation of Voluntary Co-ordinating Agency (VCA)
  • Initiation of Foster Family Care services for children awaiting Adoption
  • Meeting the then Prime Minister to lobby for enactment of the Adoption of Children's Bill 1980
  • Lobbying for Adoption of Children's Bill 1972 and Appearance before the joint Select Committee of the Parliament
  • Started professionalized adoption process
  • Lobbying for a Common Adoption Law
  • Promotion of a positive climate for adoption by creating awareness
  • Commencement