Medical & Nutritional Assistance

Medical Assistance is facilitated for students and their families who suffer from critical illnesses like TB, epilepsy, HIV, Aids and the like. Despite the toll on their immunity and well-being, they are able to pursue their academic and other growth promoting activities, when the crucial needs for diagnostic tests, medicines and nutrition are met with.

A leading Pediatric Neurologist of Mumbai, Dr. Anaita Hegde has been treating a child under IAPA care, for a long time. At her request, IAPA has been helping other patients with neurological disorders, with finances provided by her Trust called Kamal Foundation. This involves urgent home and hospital visits and quick assessment to start the financial help for treatment. Cases from remote areas are also considered here.

Guidance about health, nutrition and hygiene related matters are shared with children and their families, as per need. Food grains and other grocery items and those related to hygiene, are provided to beneficiaries of our programmes, when possible. Timely medical and nutritional aid has helped our beneficiaries to surmount their health issues to move forward to a healthier future.