Support for Higher Education

IAPA facilitates partial fees for coaching classes during crucial board exams of students covered under sponsorship & family preservation programs. Since majority of our students complete their schooling in vernacular medium,they face an uphill task when they have to cope with studies taught in English and/or appear for Board exams in college. Extra coaching in private coaching classes thus becomes necessary to ensure that their education is sustained. It also provides them equal opportunities to attain good results in Board examinations, to enable them to get admission into streams of their choice.

Higher education is a costly affair with expenses of college fees, text books and other educational requirements, which is facilitated by networking with organizations for necessary support under their CSR initiatives. Financial assistance is provided not only for college fees but also for pursuing professional courses. It is most heartening to find our students now completing professional courses like Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Banking & Insurance, Pharmacy and the like.