Project Asmita

The Asmita project started in 2009 with children attending the West Khetwadi BMC School, aims at integrated development of children. Most of these children come from very deprived sections of society. Some belong to migrant families, speak a different language and many hail from single parent families. Care and attention their family can give them is minimal. In order to engage the child in learning, the programme aims to make it a pleasurable experience.

Under this project, IAPA has recruited teachers to supplement the teaching conducted by the BMC school teachers. Subjects are taught in an interesting manner, keeping in mind the students' background and level of understanding. Moreover, concepts of hygiene, discipline, manners and values are instilled in the process. Extra-curricular activities like Yoga, Dance and training in Computers, enliven their interests. Special audio-visuals are used for English language. Mid-day snacks provided to the students offer not only nutritional sustenance, but also a reason to attend school.

The project thus motivates children from difficult backgrounds, to understand the importance of education and look forward to studies & social interaction in school.